Camp Rock 2 Starts Production Like, OMG! So! Exciting!

It's almost a year ago that we saw Camp Rock, so it's with a sense of great relief that we can tell you that its sequel, the imaginatively titled Camp Rock 2, is set to go into production this summer. What's more, original stars Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers* are returning for the film.

Subtitled The Final Jam, the film purports to have "a plot that borrows from Shakespeare". Y'see, when returning stars Lovato and Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas return to Camp Rock, they discover that many of the students and instructors have defected to the new Camp Star nearby. Egads!

Hip-hop star Matthew "Mdot" Finley is the star performer at the rival camp, and challenges our heroes to a musical showdown. Meanwhile, however, fellow Star camper and daughter-of-the-camp-leader Dana (classical pianist Chloe Bridges) is falling for Nick Jonas in a Romeo and Juliet stylee. Yes, that's the "borrowed from Shakespeare" bit you were waiting for. We were hoping for Titus Andronicus, but them's the breaks.

Can they find true love despite their musical differences? Will returning castmembers Meaghan Jette Martin, Maria Canals-Barrera, Alyson Stoner and Daniel Fathers get anything to do other than wearing bright colours and smiling a lot? Is it likely that the fans would notice if they did? Don't worry though: we're sure that Mitchie (Lovato) and Shane (Joe Jonas) are still holding hands as ever.

The TV film will screen on the Disney Channel next year, from director Paul Hoen. Expect it to be huge.

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