More to Love: Preview of Episode 6

On tonight's episode of More to Love, bachelor Luke gets to spend some quality time with the families of the four remaining ladies. He then takes the final four out on one-on-one dates. Sounds like The Bachelor, but then this show stopped kidding anyone a few weeks ago.

On the last episode of the Fox dating show, Kristian and Heather were sent home. Kristian's salsa date with Luke looks like it didn't work for her. Mandy was there, but Kristian really took in charge, whisking Luke to the dance floor and not getting intimidated by the two sexy salsa dancers. They even had a make-up session, to which Mandy had the misfortune of running in. So she went off crying, with Luke chasing after her.

Perhaps the highlight of More to Love last week was Luke's one-on-one date with Malissa: a helicopter ride over the country to a picnic in a vineyard, finishing off with a ride on a two-person bike, complete with zebras.

Later on, three girls - Anna, Heather, and Tali - were on a beach date with Luke, which was of course accompanied by bathing suits-induced paranoia. Good thing Luke was there to have the girls rub sunscreen on his belly. It's probably on the boat ride that followed where Heather blew it, as she expressed jealousy over Malissa's romantic date with the man of the hour.

With four remaining girls, the theory that Luke might be picking the smaller girls is gaining some credence. After all, all but one of the final four weighs more than 200 lbs (that's Anna at 230 lbs).

Catch More to Love tonight 9pm on Fox.

If You Missed The Last Episode Watch It Here Online Now


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