Recap Angel: Season 5, Episode 22 - Not Fade Away

In a continuation of the previous episode, Angel has joined the evil Circle of the Black Thorn by killing Drogyn. Angel has just explained to the group about his plan to kill all the members of the Black Thorn to tip the scales in their favor, but also bring on the full wrath of the unseen Senior Partners. Angel learns from them that Drogyn is being looked after by Illyria, he tells them that he was forced to kill Drogyn to be accepted into the Black Thorn, when Marcus Hamilton, the Senior Partners' liaison, arrives which makes Wesley, Gunn, Spike, and Lorne leave. Hamilton calls Angel to an emergency Black Thorn meeting, where Archduke Sebassis and the other members express doubts about Angel's loyalties. To prove himself, he must irrevocably relinquish the reward foretold in the Shanshu Prophecy. Izzy the Devil produces the original scroll and a pen, which he stabs through the back of Angel's hand so that he may sign in his own blood. Angel signs his name, giving up his chance to become human.

At Spike's apartment, Wesley, Gunn, Spike, and Lorne arrive to find Illyria lying on the floor, bloodied and barely awake from her fight with Hamilton who had taken Drogyn.

Back at Wolfram & Hart, Angel informs Harmony he will be meeting with Sebassis later, and instructs her to distract Hamilton while he does so. Afterwards, he meets with his old enemy Lindsey McDonald and asks for his help in destroying the Black Thorn; Lindsey is suspicious of Angel's offer, but agrees. Returning from his meeting with Lindsey, Angel arrives at Spike's apartment to meet with his friends where he tells them that that they are killing all the Black Thorn members tonight. Angel advises his friends to spend the rest of the day as if it were their last since it "probably is."

Angel visits his son, Connor, at college where he talks with him about his current life and his new romance with Nina who is a werewolf. Connor reveals that he knows that Angel is his father; his old memories are now "mixed in" with his new ones, and he understands and appreciates why Angel gave him new memories. Lorne has serious reservations about Angel's plan, and his mood is dark and somber. He sings "If I Ruled the World" at a demon karaoke bar. Lindsey spends the day with Eve, who expresses suspicion about Angel. Lindsey, however, trusts Angel's plan; since he is fighting on Angel's side, he believes that he will receive fair treatment. Gunn spends his day helping Anne, who still maintains a homeless shelter in Gunn's old neighborhood. He asks her what she would do if she found out that everything she did — everything she fought for — was for nothing, and she tells him she would continue to unload the supplies for the shelter. Gunn smiles; that was the answer he had been looking for. Spike goes to a seedy bar and, after drinking innumerable shots of "courage", goes onstage and recites the completed version of a poem that he originally wrote for Cecily — with whom he had been infatuated before his siring — to a crowd of rough motorcyclists and street gang members at an open mic. To his surprise, the crowd goes wild with cheers and applause. A triumphant and relieved Spike laughs and announces that his next poem is called "The Wanton Folly of Me Mum." Wesley spends his day in his apartment tending to Illyria's wounds inflicted by Hamilton when he abducted Drogyn to be killed by Angel. He tells her there is nothing else he wants and nowhere for him to be. She recognizes that the only place he wants to be is with Fred, and she offers to comfort him in Fred's form. He refuses, explaining that because he does not plan to die tonight, he would not accept the "lie" of Illyria in Fred's form.

That night, Angel explains that they are taking a divide-and-conquer approach to the demon killing: Gunn is to eliminate Senator Bruckner and her vampire bodyguards; Wesley is to attack Cyvus Vail, a powerful demon sorcerer; Illyria will take out Izzy the Devil and three other members of the Black Thorn; Spike will rescue an infant before eliminating the demonic Fell Brethren; and Lorne and Lindsey will fight the Sahvrin demon clan. Angel tells them that he will take out the chairman Archduke Sebassis. Once they complete their missions, he says, they are all to meet in the alley north of the Hyperion Hotel for the expected onslaught by the Senior Partners. As they leave, Lorne tells Angel that this is the last thing he's going to do for him, and that they will never see him again.

In his office, Angel is confronted by Hamilton, who says he knows Angel intends to kill Sebassis — Hamilton seduced Harmony, who betrayed Angel's plans. After Angel fires Harmony (who leaves after collecting Angel's pre-written letter of recommendation) he fights Hamilton. Hamilton knocks Angel across the room, asking if Angel really thought he could get away with killing Sebassis; Angel replies, "I already have." During the last meeting with the Circle of the Black Thorn, Angel poisoned Sebassis's demon servant, knowing that Sebassis drinks his servant's blood; he figured that Hamilton was the one he really needed to kill and knew that Harmony would tell Hamilton about Angel's plan. However, he admits that he expected the fight to be going better.

At Senator Bruckner's campaign office, Gunn arrives where he immediately begins fighting her vampire workers, while she casually chats on her phone, slandering her opponent in the upcoming election. Gunn kills the senator with a thrown axe, but is still surrounded by dozens of her vampire bodyguards. Spike, disguised in a long black robe, sneaks into the Fell Brethren's living quarters and lifts the baby out of a ceremonial bassinet. Faced with several angry demons, he goes into battle, with a sword in one hand and the baby in the other. Meanwhile, Illyria easily destroys Izzy and the other members of the Black Thorn when she ambushes them as they are getting into a car on a side street after leaving a local restaurant. Elsewhere, Lindsey arrives with Lorne at an apartment to fight the Sahvrin clan members. After killing all the demons, Lorne without warning, shoots Lindsey in the chest, revealing his one last job for Angel. Lorne tells him, "You're not part of the solution, Lindsey. You never will be." Lindsey dies, stunned it wasn't Angel himself who killed him, but instead one of his "flunkies." Disgusted with himself, Lorne drops the gun and leaves the scene with his parting words, "good night, folks".

At the mansion residence of Cyvus Vail, Wesley arrives where he pretends that he intends to kill Angel to asks for Vail's support to be accepted as Angel's replacement in the Circle of the Black Thorn. After a few minutes of conversation, Wesley surprises Vail by attacking him with magic. But, Vail quickly recovers and restrains Wesley with more powerful magic, then stabs him in the abdomen with a kukri. Wesley releases a final burst of magic, momentarily stunning Vail, and crashes to the floor. Illyria storms in, distraught upon finding Wes mortally wounded. She again offers to lie to him by appearing as Fred, and this time he accepts; he dies in her arms a few moments later. Vail awakens, to find a crying woman holding Wesley's body. Not knowing who Fred really is, he taunts her as she stands before him, calling her a little girl; she then transforms back into Illyria as her fist shatters Vail's skull with a single blow.

Back at Wolfram & Hart, Angel is losing the battle with Hamilton. Hamilton mocks Angel, reminding him that he couldn't save Doyle, Cordelia or Fred and asks why he continues to fight when he's signed away his Shanshu and will thus gain nothing. Angel replies that the people who don't care about anything will never understand the people who do. Unimpressed ("Yeah... but we won't care!"), Hamilton prepares to stake him, but Connor appears and knocks Hamilton away from his father. The two take on Hamilton together, but even with their combined strength, they cannot inflict a single bruise. Conner is knocked unconscious and the bloodied Angel is again thrown across the room. Hamilton boasts that the power of the Senior Partners runs through his blood. Angel says, "Can you pick out the one word you probably shouldn't have said?" Rushing at Hamilton, Angel assumes his vampire form and draws Hamilton's power by drinking his blood. After a few more minutes of fighting, Angel punches the weakened Hamilton to the floor, and then snaps Hamilton's neck. Connor revives as the entire building begins to shake and Angel tells Connor to leave, knowing that the Senior Partners are now unleashing their full wrath. Conner leaves Angel to his fate. Angel then goes to his office tries to convince Eve, who has taken refuge there, to leave the building, because Lindsey won't be coming for her. Angel runs out, while Eve wonders where she has left to go.

The survivors meet in the back alley of the Hyperion Hotel in the pouring rain. Angel arrives to find Spike already waiting, having successfully rescued the baby and destroyed the Brethren. Gunn shows up next, armed with a large battle axe having killed all of Senator Bruckner's vampire henchmen, but he is seriously injured. Illyria arrives seconds later and informs them of Wesley's death, saying that she grieves for Wesley and wishes "to do more violence." Suddenly, the vast armies of the Senior Partners — demons of all sizes, including a 100-foot-tall giant and a flying dragon — advance on the four survivors. As the demon army approaches, Gunn sarcastically says "you take the 30,000 on the left...". Illyria tells Gunn, from looking at his wounds, that he is mortally wounded and they will all last just ten minutes at best. Gunn staggers to his feet and defiantly states that they make their last ten minutes memorable. Angel expresses interest in taking on the dragon and the group goes into battle as the demon armies attack. As Angel swings his sword at the first of the attacking demon warriors, he utters his last line and the series' epitaph: "Let's go to work."

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