24: Aaron Pierce Returns, Obviously With A Few Changes

This guy's resilient, isn't he? Agent Aaron Pierce, that guy. He's been on 24 since the beginning. He's been on 24 from the second season, and the third, and the fourth, and the fifth, and the sixth. And he's returning on the seventh - to be precise, in tonight's episode, which airs at 9pm on Fox. Unlike most of the show's main characters - with the exception, of course, of Jack Bauer - he's been around for all of the seasons, just staying in the background, or at least that's how I see it.

Glenn Morshower may have taken a role on the NBC drama Friday Night Lights, but he still takes the time to crop up on the acclaimed Fox drama. It's a possibility that he didn't expect would happen, considering the fast-paced - and cut-throat - nature of the show. I read for the second episode in season one, and all I knew was it would be a two-episode guarantee, he said. All they wanted me to do was be the guy that looks official enough to walk President Palmer someplace and protect him.

But that guy who looks official enough has attracted the attention of producers, enough to make him a reliable character to return to when times require it. Glenn's talent is in being able to project that solidity and trustworthiness, show producer Evan Katz said. He's able to be that stolid guy you want to hide behind.

Morshower attributes it to his Texan accent and his upbringing. When my dad got out of the Navy, he never really got out of it, he said. At oh-seven-hundred' every morning, my alarm clock was, Up and at - em! Hit that deck!'''

Tonight, after being a confidant of David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert) and the lover of Martha Logan (Jean Smart), he's back to the White House, escorting a relative of current President Allison Taylor (Cherry Jones). And viewers might notice something different with Agent Pierce, especially considering the events of the last season. He couldn't put it much simpler: All I can tell you is that on Monday night, you'll notice a profound absence of a wedding ring on my finger.

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