Episode Recap: "Don't Let a Cheese Hit Me"

"Southern, California. 0700 hours. The dawn of a new adventure." Phil Keoghan's description of the starting line for a race around the world sounds like the players are heading for the final frontier. Actually 11 teams will travel to nine countries and a distance of over 40,000 miles in 22 days. With apparent production improvements - including a new opening sequence and the use of split screen shots for viewing simultaneous action - not to mention the extreme personality differences that emerge during the stress of demanding challenges, this race looks like it might be more action-packed and amazing than ever. Let the game begin!

* Meet the Teams

Christie and Jodi - It seems each team consisting of two women with blonde hair is dubbed The Blondes. Discounting any stereotypes, will these flight attendants outsmart the others and have an advantage navigating the airports?

Tammy and Victor - Siblings, lawyers, Harvard graduates. Their nine-year age difference causes them to push each other's buttons. Can they push each other into first place like last year's brother-sister team?

Margie and Luke - This season's mother-and-son team. Luke is deaf and doesn't read lips. Will their ability to communicate and strategize in front of the other teams give them an advantage?

Steve and Linda - Married 17 years, can the self-proclaimed "hicks from the sticks" keep up the pace with most of the city slickers? (Have you ever known a hick from the city?)

Lakisha and Jennifer (alternately listed as Kisha and Jen) - Sisters, looking to bond. We've seen couples unsuccessfully try to bond during the race. I'm hoping it'll be easier for them.

Preston and Jennifer - Preston says their relationship is "a constant battle for control." Doesn't sound good for them. And this type of relationship typically doesn't fare well.

Brad and Victoria - Married for nine years, this active "badass older couple" say having more life experiences works to their benefit. If they call themselves badass, who am I to disagree?

Mel and Mike - Mel is retired and Mike is an actor/screenwriter who wrote School of Rock and Chuck and Buck, among others. Usually when he's smiling, Mike looks like he's going to barf. But he looks truly ecstatic and should be able to stomach these challenges. But can Mike carry the weight for this gay father-son duo?

Amanda and Kris - Otherwise known as the buff and the beautiful, they have been dating for three years and they do everything together. Everything? Really?

Mark and Michael - Brothers and stuntmen. (They are each 4-foot-9.) Their good nature shows that good things do come in small packages.

Jaime and Cara - Former Miami Dolphins cheerleaders that have been teammates before and give 110 percent. (Isn't 100 percent enough?)

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