Recap: "Lost and Found"

In this episode, several of this season's key storylines took drastic steps toward their emotional peaks: Nora finally puts a face with Ryan Lafferty, Kitty and Robert (somewhat) discuss their differences about his running for governor (and their marriage), and the heat gets turned up on Tommy's plan to take control of Ojai when Holly gives the contract she signed a second look. Meanwhile, Rebecca and David spend some dad-daughter time together in New York. How did all these threads tie together? Let's find out!

The episode opens with Nora - still shaken up over ending her tryst with Roger the Architect, according to Saul - informing her brother that she is going to Berkley to meet with Ryan Lafferty, the final (I hope) missing Walker child. Saul doesn't approve, reminding Nora that Ryan was yet another of William's messes that she didn't need to clean up. (Yeah, right. Doesn't he know his own sister?) Nora makes the trip anyway, and her first meeting with Ryan is... well, awkward, naturally. Ryan is shocked to see Nora so soon after the phone call, but ends his shift at the coffee shop early to sit and look at some pictures that "make it all real." Despite his initial standoffish-ness, Ryan eventually seems to warm up to Nora enough to hear all about William's sordid past. Then, on a dime, Ryan decides he doesn't need a mother, basically sending Nora on her way.

But then the hot-and-cold streak continues as Ryan pays a late-night visit to Nora's hotel. He's obviously confused about the whole deal, and Nora, as Saul predicted, takes some of the blame for William's mess, suggesting she sometimes felt he was cheating but didn't say anything. She offers to help clean up the mess by buying Ryan a plane ticket to meet his brothers and sisters, and Ryan accepts... until the next day when the cab shows up and Ryan doesn't. He calls Nora to inform her he won't be coming, and the disappointment (and worry) is all over her face. Side note: I know the kid has legitimate issues, but he was so back and forth in this episode my head was spinning.

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