Ninja Assassin Fight Clip

Ninja Assassin comes out on January 8, but you don't have to wait that long to see Raizo (Rain) open a big ol' can of ninja-flavoured whoop ass on his former mates in the ninja clan lead by Ozunu. Or in this clip, kinda getting his own ass kicked by Ozunu himself.

In the film, Raizo teams up with an Interpol agent (Naomie Harris) to take down his former clan, which gathers in orphans to train and brainwash and turn into ninjas. Raizo has to hunt down former teammates and family to ensure his own freedom.

As for the title, our Dan has been arguing that it's a tautology because all ninjas are assassins, but we're saying that it works since it's about an assassin of ninjas. Yes, that's really the sort of thing we argue about.

Expect more action like this on January 8.

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