Recap of The Bachelorette, Episode 6.6

Is Justin (a.k.a. Rated-R) the most reviled wrestler in the annals of popular culture? Let's see, there was the WWF wrestler Mankind from the late 90's, who would stuff his dirty socks into opponents mouths. (Gross.) Then there was Randy The Ram, the character played by Mickey Rourke in the film The Wrestler, who cheated on his girlfriend, neglected his daughter, and abused drugs. And let's not forget the wrestler-shaped action figures from the 80s called M.U.S.C.L.E. Men, and their leader, Terri-Bull - part man, part bull, and wearing a loincloth (okay, so his sartorial taste wasn't his strong suit).

Is Justin worse than a wrestler who is part man and part bull? We think it's clear that he is. (And we think we're glad to have participated in such a high-minded discussion with you.)

Okay, let's get to the actual, action-packed episode. The episode wastes no time, with Chris Harrison finally getting a little extra camera time this season after getting relegated to pretty much just commentating on the rose ceremonies so far. (He may not have relished his on-camera spats with Rozlyn during Bachelor Jake's season, but you know what they say about there being no such thing as bad publicity.)

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