Cats & Dogs 2 Trailer Online

In the words of the venerable Dr Peter Venkman, "dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!" Well, maybe not - but the idea of canines and felines having to briefly put aside their ages-old conflict and work together is the crux of the sequel to 2001's Cats & Dogs, which has released its first full trailer.

Yes, it really has been eight years (and it'll be nine once the movie arrives next summer) since Warners released the first film and, unusually, the studio has not chosen to shove the sequel straight to DVD. We credit the incredible drawing power of human star Chris O'Donnell.

Fans of the original should be right at home with this new outing, promising more easy gags about dog and cat behaviour and a new villain - Kitty Galore - who unites the species when she sets about troubling them both.

There's no solid listing of the voice talents behind the critters this time, though the likes of O'Donnell and Forgetting Sarah Marshall's Jack McBrayer number among the bipeds.

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