Kelly Osbourne's 'Dancing with the Stars' Breakdown - What Do You Think?

Apparently, there was something we didn't see in the rehearsal vid of celeb Kelly Osbourne and partner Louis Van Amstel this Monday on Dancing with the Stars (or maybe they showed it, but I wasn't paying attention?). The duo was practicing for that week's salsa, and we saw the mini-breakdown from Kelly and her resistance to Louis' new approach, even breaking down in tears at one point.

The Daily Mail reports, moreover, that Kelly Osbourne didn't just break down, she told everyone - including her erstwhile partner and the cameras - to back off, yelling "Can you give me space? I'm getting anxiety and getting pissed off."

She also said "There's no fun in what we're doing," but we saw that on Monday's rehearsal video, after which the couple performed a mean salsa. Sure, Kelly didn't smile throughout the routine and she looked really intense, but it still got raves from the judges, getting 24 from the judges and contributing to their moving on to next week.

After their performance, Kelly backtracked a little, and said that Louis might be pushing her, but now she's sure it's toward the right direction.

All's well that end's well, right? After the surviving this week's double elimination, in fact, Kelly called her mom Sharon Osbourne, who said she was very proud of her for going this far and reported that dad Ozzy even cried.

"She was watching in New York and all I could hear was screaming because she picked up the phone just as she was watching. She went, 'F**king proud!' My mom said my dad was crying."

The couple, meanwhile, revealed that they plan to on vacation right after Dancing with the Stars, win or lose, with their respective partners for a well-deserved r and r.

"It will just be really fun and a nice time to relax and chill," she said. "We haven't decided where yet. It's between a couple of places, but probably Hawaii or something."

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