Project Runway: Preview of Season 6, Episode 12 "The Art of Fashion"

You may get a sense of deja vu on tonight's episode of Project Runway, since "The Art of Fashion" has already been done before. This time, though, it's a whole new batch of designers and possibly even a double elimination.

There are five contestants left, and it's the last challenge right before fashion week. Is Project Runway going to follow the Top 3 tradition or bring it yet another twist to the finals? But let's not get ahead of ourselves, let's focus on what's up tonight.

On this season's "The Art of Fashion," the designers are brought out on a field trip to this museum where works of art are displayed. They might be making outfits based on a painting, or whatever will inspire them among those they see.

Unfortunately, the judges aren't seeing art from art in the designs produced by the contestants. From the trailer of last week's episode, everyone's all panicking and the results aren't that spectacular as anyone hoped. Heidi Klum even pointed out that one design looked like a "mess fest."

If tonight's "The Art of Fashion" will be like season 4's, then we could get teased by a double elimination and be surprised. Then again, we're just making guesses. Heidi better not fool us again.

On the previous episode of Project Runway, the designers came face to face with series alum Nick Verreos to determine "The Best of the Best." The challenge was to create a companion piece from a winning look they've designed in the past. Althea was the one who won the challenge, while Gordana and Logan landed on the bottom two.

Logan took a risk with his project and tried to "turn up the volume," but the judges found his design too much to bear. Heidi criticized him for not being able to edit, which eventually led him to be eliminated from the competition.

Now that he's lost his chance to be in the finals, who else could possibly join him? Tonight marks the last challenge for the designers of Project Runway season 6, so don't miss "The Art of Fashion" as it airs on Lifetime Television at 10pm.

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