Flash Forward: Preview of Episode 7 "The Gift"

On the previous FlashForward, we had the Halloween episode, which definitely gave most of us the creeps. Tonight we get "The Gift," so does this mean it's for Thanksgiving or an early Christmas? Whatever the case, there's going to be some hand handling on this installment, given how we discovered details on the Blue Hand Club last week.

"The Gift" will continue the investigation on the mysterious Blue Hand, as Mark (Joseph Fiennes) and his partner Demetri (John Cho) are joined by other agents. Gough (Lee Thompson Young) is back, along with M16 agent Fiona Banks. She'll be portrayed by ER's Alex Kingston, guest-starring in the episode.

Judging from the preview clips, it's going to be one explosive night for Flash Forward with this episode. The agents gain entry to the Blue Hand Club, going undercover in order to solve the mystery of a string of recent suicides.

Even though the story's getting deeper, there's one question that might just get its answer. Aaron (Brian F. O'Byrne) receives a visit from a former army buddy of his late daughter's, who tells him about what exactly happened to her.

Meanwhile, Zoey (Gabrielle Union) pushes Demetri for answers regarding his recent actions and what he saw in his vision. He ends up coming clean about his flash-forward, which creates a strain in their relationship.

Back in the hospital, Bryce (Zachary Knighton) shares his own vision with the Benford's babysitter Nicole (Peyton List), who is spending time there as a volunteer. Perhaps this could lead to the life-changing vision of Olivia's surgical intern?

Below are two sneak peeks for the new Flash Forward episode, "The Gift." On the first, the three agents Mark, Demetri, and Gough try their luck to enter the Blue Hand Club through a dangerous game.

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