'True Blood' recap: Trouble ahead, trouble behind - Season 3, Episode 5

Let's begin with Franklin and Tara because they stole the hour. Franklin had Tara tied up in a chair as they waited for Russell to return with Bill and Lorena from their joyride. Talbot (Who's a pretty girl?) played host even though Franklin and Tara were at odds with his décor. The trio returned with blood still on their faces from the stripper they'd dined on, and Tara asked Bill for help. He said no.

Franklin was there to give the King Bill's file on Sookie, which made Russell think again that Bill had been in Bon Temps under Sophie-Anne's orders. Why else would he have a dossier on his human? (And we know that Sophie-Anne believes there's something special about Sookie; she told Eric in last season's finale that Sookie's not entirely human.)

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