'The Bachelorette': Justin hops for Ali's love Review

Two more bachelors are sent packing and the "Bachelorette" house keeps ganging up on Rated-R. But he can crutch himself two miles in the blazing heat for the love of dear Ali, so he's fine.

Chris Harrison informs the bachelors that there is one group date and two individual dates this week, but not everybody gets a date. The first date card is for Roberto.

Roberto's Date

A helicopter picks them up and flies them over the city, which I kinda cool but, c'mon... it's Los Angeles, not Hawaii. Los Angeles is kind of an ugly city, if you ask me. Anyway, it drops them off on the top of a downtown building and they have to cross on wires high above the street to get to their dinner. Death-defying! Except with harnesses.

I mean, I'm sure that would still be scary, but it's not like they put them on wires and hand them a tightrope walker's pole and say, "Okay, GO!" They aren't going to die, and no amount of plinky-plunky music can make me think they're in danger. It's really rather boring. Move it along, show.

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