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Dr. Saroyan

I know Dr. Saroyan is the boss of Angela and Hodgins but is she the boss of Bones? or does Bones even have a boss i've heard her say in episodes that she is like a free agent working with the smithsonian, they've never really made that clear or if they have i haven't noticed.


| 18:26 EDT, 13 Oct, 2008
i don't remember that what episode was it from...i might have missed an episode
| 18:23 EDT, 13 Oct, 2008
Yeah, Cam gets introduced to Bones as her boss and, in fact, Cam at one point asked Booth if she fired Brennan, would he leave too, to which he tells her that pretty much everyone would leave if she fired Brennan. Cam and Bones shortly thereafter come to an agreement so that they could work together without constantly having the power issue come up.
| 07:13 EDT, 10 Oct, 2008
hahaha. You've never worked with academics. The phrase "herding cats" is often used in reference to trying to get them to do anything. Getting 3 Professors into a meeting is a nightmare.
| 04:23 EDT, 10 Oct, 2008
I think Cam is technically Bones' boss but they had that episode where they made a compromise so their authority and positions dont get mixed up. So now i kind of think of them just being colleagues.
| 01:22 EDT, 10 Oct, 2008
When Cam first joined the team I'm sure we (and Bones) were told that she was the boss. Cam made a big point of it to Bones I think! But I could be wrong. I think when Bones said that she was a free agent she was refering to the fact that she does not work for the FBI or a government regulated body. Anyone else get this impression?

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