South Park: Season 13 Review

After thirteen seasons, you might expect that Trey, Matt, and their team of writers would be getting a little stale. But, even though there were certainly some low points, for the most part, South Park is still the best animated comedy show on TV.

The season started off well enough with a Disney spoof called "The Ring." The series continued its long tradition of poking fun at pop culture icons, and this time they aimed their sights at The Jonas Brothers and the not-so-subtle marketing schemes of its parent, Disney. Mickey Mouse even makes an appearance a manipulative, evil, profanity-spewing corporate tycoon after the Jonas boys finish selling their purity wrapped sex appeal to their hordes of screaming girls. Oh, also Kenny dies from a STD. Be careful with that oral sex, folks!

A couple of decent but unremarkable episodes, "The Coon" and "Margaritaville," followed. And soon afterward the season hit what was undoubtedly its lowest point with "Eat, Pray, Queef," an April Fool's joke that just didn't work as well as it probably sounded on paper. For a moment, it seemed like the South Park crew was actually losing it.

But before the naysayers could even get a good rant going, the show returned with "Fishsticks," a beautiful Kanye West spoof that was so well-timed, so hilarious, so spot-on, that even Kanye himself had to admit they got him good. The episode was the talk of the Internet for weeks, and when Kanye further embarrassed himself by interrupting Taylor Swift at the VMAs, Comedy Central "honored" him again by airing the episode for two straight hours shortly after the incident. But the following two episodes just couldn't hold a candle to the phenomenon that "Fishsticks" became.

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