The Office: Preview of Episode 6.9 "Double Date"

It's awkward city tonight on The Office when the newlyweds Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam (Jenna Fischer) ran out of excuses so they have no choice but to go out with Michael (Steve Carell) and Pam's mom Helene (Linda Purl). Yes, a double date for Jim and Pam and Michael and Pam's mother. It's kind of hard to forget how Pam practically exploded when she found out that the woman Michael was dating was her mom (they met in their own wedding), a reaction that included storming out of the room, screaming at the parking lot, and constantly throwing barbs at him during meetings.

So it's slightly hard to believe that Pam might be up for this so soon. The two, Michael and Pam, had a little break from each other last episode, when she and Andy (Ed Helms) went to a sales call outside the office while Michael and Jim attend a meeting of their own, the same meeting where Michael fell into a koi pond.

Elsewhere on "Double Date" Dwight (Rainn Wilson) is strangely doing nice things for everyone in the office, which should very well tell us that something is up. A few episodes ago, he gave a bugged wooden mallard to Jim for his wedding, and it turned out it was only a ploy to drive attention away from the real bugged device he placed in Jim's desk. Already, we dread the day when Dwight is able to use whatever dirt the device picked up, if any. Dwight is still after Jim's job, that's for sure.

On the last episode of The Office, it was the Halloween episode with all the weird costumes, but the focus was Michael falling on the koi pond. Everyone initially was poking fun at it, until a footage emerged (courtesy of Meredith's friend) that revealed Jim might have something to do with it.

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