Survivor: Samoa: Season 19, Episode 10 - An Unfinished Underdog Story

I love a good underdog story. You know, the sort that does not see the protagonist endure loss after loss after loss, only to start winning after a melodramatic moment with a figure of inspiration, with poetic phrases and life-affirming moments in between. Get the balance right, and I'll definitely root for the underdog, rather than feel worse knowing that the supposed loser will win in the end. But that's just me and my ability to relate everything with myself.

There is, of course, an underdog story in Survivor: Samoa, and no, I'm not referring to Foa Foa. Sure, they lost almost every challenge, found themselves in Tribal Council more often than perhaps anybody else--what Jeff described as the worse performance of any tribe in the show's history. Sure, the folks at Galu were kicking them both in the challenges and in Tribal Council. And then the merge happened and they were taking advantage of every loophole they can find to send the purples home one, by one, by one. That's not exactly an underdog story: they really weren't helpless. Just look at Russell.

Who I'm thinking of is Shambo, the person who everybody at her tribe seemed to hate. It's sooo high school, right? There's this transferee who is nice enough to score himself some friends, but doesn't really earn their respect. You know, the person that you befriend only because you can copy off his math test with a little intimidation. That's who Shambo is. She claims to be a people person, and she does have a presence in the lives of other castaways, but they see her as a pawn rather than a contestant.

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