Mad Men Season 3, Episode 4: "The Arrangements" - Recap

This episode of Mad Men turned its focus on the parent-child relationship, and, in so doing, the circle of life. While Peggy and Horace Cook Jr., Sterling Cooper's newest client, try to leave the nest for their own adventures, Betty continues to fight against thinking about the day when her father will no longer be there. In the middle of it all is Don, who's no stranger to daddy issues, but somehow understands the happy medium between the two extremes. In the end, we're left with this season's best episode so far, one that is both laugh-out-loud funny and heartbreaking.

"I am one of those girls." - Peggy Olson

Thanks to a malfunctioning shower head (and a perhaps-pervy super), Peggy finally decides to make her move to Manhattan. Coupling the savings in subway/cab fare and pantyhose expenses (!) with the addition of a roommate, Peggy is quite confident she can pay the "outrageous" rent. Money aside, she's now convinced she is a Manhattan girl, and sets her plan in action by putting up an ad in the Sterling Cooper break room.

This naturally is discovered by Harry, Kinsey and Cosgrove, who, with the help of Lois, have a little fun with "Margaret." Lois claims to be a tannery worker from New Jersey who has severe burns on her face and needs help using the bathroom. When the boys can't contain their laughter, Peggy gets wise to their prank, and decides to take her ad down. But not before Joan gives her some tips: Stop being so buttoned up, and reach out to new faces. Peggy's new Joan-ified ad gets the job done - by the end of the episode Peggy is calling Karen Ericson (Carla Gallo) from the travel agency on the first floor "roomie." Even though Peggy isn't Swedish!

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