The Hills Season 5, Episode 18: "Can't Always Get What You Want" - Recap

Okay, I have to preface this recap with the fact that I've always loved Laguna Beach and The Hills but even I'm getting bored this season. Can we please move on from the never-ending love triangles/quadrangles, or whatever they are now?

This week is all about the K-Cav/Brody/Jayde saga. First, the newly shagtastic Brody (and by that I mean facial hair, people) and Kristin meet for lunch. They talk about some of the "crazy times" they had while dating, and Kristin mentions that Jayde had asked her to sit down and chat. Brody is not a fan of the idea, but Kristin claims Jayde just wants Brody to be happy so she has to respect his ex for wanting to set things straight.

Kristin meets Jayde, and there are no exchanging of pleasantries. Put two girls who both love conflict in a room together and this is what you get. Kristin tells Jayde that she should've asked her to figure things out before attacking her in the club. "You might want to keep his leash a little tighter," she adds. Jayde pretty much tells Kristin that it's funny how she can't find any other guys besides Brody and Justin and that it seems like she has a pattern for going after taken guys. Jayde then says, "You need to go back to wherever it is you came from," to which Kristin responds, "You're such a bitch, Jayde."

Before we continue on with the drama, let's take a break to chat about Heidi and Spencer for a second. Heidi goes back to her psychotherapist to tell her that she wants kids and Spencer "thinks" he doesn't. The therapist suggests they should have been on the same page before walking down the aisle, but since it's too late for that, Heidi should probably just drop the baby thing for the time being. Instead, Heidi says she wants to go off the pill and just surprise him with a kid.

I can't keep up with all the friendship switcheroos, but Lo and Kristin meet to chat about Brody, while Audrina and Heidi talk about her plan to get preggers. Later that night, Spencer comes home to wine, dinner and candles because as Heidi says, "That's what wives do." She says grace and give thanks for her husband, their wonderful meal and, oh yeah, her outfit. Heidi tells Spencer that it was her fault that he wanted a vasectomy because she was putting too much pressure on him. Little does he know, it's all a front.

At East, Jayde sits down with Brody who is clear when he says, "Me and you, right now, we're not dating. So I can do whatever I want." He also tells her she's out of line and that he'll "go jump off a building" if he has to argue with her one more time. Apparently that's all Jayde needs to hear because then she says, "Even though you're a jerk, I know you're not a jerk and I miss you." Didn't you just hear your ex say he rather commit suicide than have another fight with you? Anyway, she says she wants to get back together and the next night we find out that, surprisingly, so does he.

At the end of the episode, Kristin and Stacie talk about how they need to get away from all the drama and boys. So what do they do? Head to Vegas.

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