'Survivor: Samoa' Season 19, Episode 10: You Are Destined To Bite The Dust - Recap

Suddenly, there's no use predicting who does what on Survivor: Samoa--who plans what, who eliminates who, you get the drill. Since the merge, Galu found its influence crumbling, with two of their own eliminated, one after Natalie widened the purple crack, and the other after Russell played the immunity idol. Tonight, there's no telling what happens to who. Or is it the opposite?

The last Tribal Council saw Kelly eliminated, and Russell is beaming with happiness. "My work is done," he says, before comparing his master plan to a Picasso artwork. Laura is, obviously, the complete opposite. "We should've known better," she says. That shock became some sort of punch line for Shambo.

The following day, Russell starts looking for the hidden immunity idol. Must be easy, he says, since he's "drawn to them" like magnets. Shambo, still hoping for a breakthrough to kick Laura out, approaches John and tells him everything. "There is no purple," she goes, in an unexpected flash of poetic brilliance.

This week's reward challenge is a pretty treacherous one. Two teams of five are formed: one of them will lie face down in a board of sorts that's suspended in the air, while the remaining four pull ropes to maneuver the board across the playing area. There are 15 flags, and whoever's floating must grab those flags and put them in their assigned slots. The prize: a trip to Suvai island, where they have a picnic by the waterfall--and, of course, a Palm Pre to take photos with.

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