ig Brother 11 Episode Recap: September 6, 2009 (Nomination 9)

With Jeff gone, Big Brother 11's Final 4 is made official, and for the first time in several seasons, the possibility of two women going to the finals is a possibility. However, head of household Natalie seems set on taking Kevin to the end with her, should she get there. But who would she nominate, and how would her HOH decisions put doubt in Kevin's mind? Plus: How does Natalie's visit to Pandora's Box affect the game? Let's find out.

The episode begins with Jordan trying to cope with Jeff's exit from the game. She isn't hysterical, and certainly doesn't put on the show that Natalie, Chima and Lydia did when Jessie got the boot. But she is clearly upset to have lost her friend, and I share her disappointment. But it's a game so let's move on.

Natalie, who has always been hard for me to stomach this season, was instantly annoying when she won HOH. Kevin notes that her celebration was way over the top, and I couldn't help but think that, for the first time this season, she was acting like the 18-year-old she purports to be. (Not that I think she was intending to do so.) She is clearly drunk with power, and, as Kevin puts it, has come down with a case of HOH-itis.

Worse for Kevin, Natalie wastes no time telling him that she has to put him on the block to hide their Final 2 deal. Obviously, Kevin is no fan of the idea, but Natalie puts it into effect by telling Michele and Jordan her plans. They are both floored, playing into Natalie's trap perfectly. I am disappointed in Jordan most, as she seems convinced that Natalie would take her to the end. Sure, she might actually do that, but Jordan should know she hasn't a chance of beating Natalie.

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