The Office Season 6 Episode 24 Recap: "The Cover-Up"

This week, love is in the air, or is it? We saw Michael finally obtain the girl of his dreams last week, and it may seem too good to be true. Will the boss seal the deal, or will this hottie be another office disappointment?

The episode opens with a typical Jim and Pam prank, Morris Code. In order to talk secretly, and annoy Dwight, the couple invents a secret code full of pen clicking and tapping. It works, Dwight apologizes for the annoying things he has done, accuses them of clicking a detonator, and finally is forced to wear a pair of headphones to block the annoyance. Score one for Jim and Pam.

Things are going well between Michael and Donna. She even has somewhat of a "Pilates butt." The boss is giving lectures to his workers with glee, proclaiming "the weekend is always better when you have someone, like I do." He even asks for suggestions about what they should do this weekend "other than having sex." Last weekend, they went to the Poconos to a "little Chinese bistro called P.F. Changs," and, in turn, got "screwed." (TMI is right, Michael. TMI.) Pam and the gang think Donna may be cheating, and Michael doesn't know whether to believe that or not. All of the clues are there, and the woman of his dreams may be "full of lies and deceit."

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