Parks and Recreation' has one of its best episodes ever -- except for Mark and Ann

If that wasn't the best episode of Parks and Recreation yet, it's at least top five. From the puppy licking Ron's mustache to the chair that practically re-canes itself, it's going to be pretty hard to Dia-Beat-This episode.

But it did bring up the show's Achilles' heel: Mark and Ann. All the characters were heightened versions of themselves during 'Telethon': Leslie was extra loopy and devoted, thanks to sleep deprivation and outrageous amounts of sugar. Tom was even more of a clubby Timberlake bro than usual (Detlef Schrempf has that effect on all of us). April was extra sarcastic with Leslie, and even more manipulative (in a cute way!) with Andy - who was even more protective of her. Ron was ultra strange and awesome, and the people of Pawnee were even lamer and weirder than usual. (Hi again, Quickbooks guy from the rec center!) And Mark and Ann? They were physically present...?

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