Another Delay for Alyssa Milano and 'Romantically Challenged'

It must be frustrating for stars when their new shows, which are supposed to premiere at a certain date, keep getting pushed back. Not only does that keep their professional lives on hold, but it probably gives them a feeling that the networks are not too thrilled with their product.

Such is the case with Alyssa Milano's new ABC comedy 'Romantically Challenged.' Previously given the premiere date of next Monday, April 12th, the show has been moved back a week to April 19th. The most likely reason for the change is for the show's lead-in -- 'Dancing With the Stars' -- to squeeze in another two-hour stint to pump up their ratings. In a counter-opinion, Alyssa gave this as the reason for the date switch on her Twitter account: "No freakin' clue."

As a former teenager who crushed (all right, still crushes) on Milano, my opinion is probably jaded. Nevertheless, she should be given a chance to succeed or fail. Here's hoping ABC is priming her for success rather than cutting their losses where they can.

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