Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution' recap: 'I can't believe it.' Me neither. Did you?

This week, when most of the high school kids in Huntington, West Virginia, were offered french fries, pizza, or chef Jamie Oliver's 'home made spaghetti sauce [with] six or seven vegetables in there,' the majority chose the veggie sauce. Oliver exclaimed, 'I can't believe it!'

Neither could I. This was the first week of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution when I thought the conventions of reality-TV had finally overtaken the documentary truth the series has been trying to portray. The change in youth behavior was just too abrupt, based on what we'd been shown previously.

Which is to say, it may have been irresistible for many of those students to choose the 'right' line while in the presence of the TV cameras.

So what, you say - whatever the motive, the kids were eating better, right? Well, that kind of goes against what Oliver claims he wants to instill: Knowledge and a genuine desire to eat healthily after the Food Revolution production company packs up and leaves town.

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