'Justified' - 'Long in the Tooth' Recap Episode 4

The real challenge for 'Justified' is finding new ways for Raylan Givens to blow people away. Of course he's going to do it in just about every episode. He's a borderline renegade U.S. Marshal with an eagle shooting eye and a distemper for disrespect. He's a colonial cowboy with a beat-up heart. He's Dick Cheney on Zoloft.

The trick, however, is changing the game just a little bit each time so the surprise doesn't wear away over time. This week's episode not only found a new way for Raylan to put a bullet in another smart-ass criminal's torso, but the ride getting there was just as fun.

Raylan has been tasked with tracking down another old case, this time a former mob accountant who fled, even though he was promised protection in exchange for testimony against his former employer. Roland, played by Alan Ruck, seems like a typical squirrely nerd who takes care of poor people's teeth for homemade tamales, but he's also got a mean streak in him as evidenced by that awesome, visceral scene where he pulls out a yuppie patient's teeth who refuses to pay him for his work. The scene felt pretty gut-wrenching, except for maybe someone who runs an HMO.

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