Bones' Season Season 5, Episode 20 Recap: A wedding and a Wiccan funeral

Bones-Witch-WardrobeImage Credit: Greg Gayne/FoxI'm okay with this episode underwhelming me, but if next week's Grave Digger trial doesn't wow, I won't be so forgiving. Brennan and Hodgins being buried alive is still one of the show's best hours. (Booth's near-death experience at her hand, not so much. They owe us.)

On paper, I can see where both of last night's storylines - Booth and Brennan investigated the murder of a witch who'd gone dark and gotten killed by her well-intentioned coven tripping on LSD fungus in their ceremonial rye flour, and Hodgins and Angela got stuck together in jail and finally had the time to confess they're still in love and get married - sounded great. But the case never went as deep (or as funny) as it could have, and for a series that relies on logic, the circumstances surrounding Angela and Hodgins' alone time were frankly annoying. They never tried explaining to the cop who pulled Hodgins over that he swerved because he was looking at a photo of the crime scene and then wanted to experience the Prius' magical ability to get the most obvious product placement since Avatar help you stay in your lane. Angela went right to flirting and Hodgins to vicious rhetoric, neither of which worked. The cop took them in and found out she had an outstanding bench warrant for defying a notice to appear on a speeding charge and he had a warrant for escaping police custody during a Freedom of Information protest eight years ago. They had to wait for the small town judge/barber to rule on their warrants before they could leave. Apparently, the cop who was so by the book didn't give them their one phone call until the next morning, when they finally phoned the lab. Cam came for them, just as Angela was getting an orgasmic massage from Hodgins (it's kind of awesome that a scientist on TV is portrayed as having magic hands and other parts - page 187!). Cam couldn't get the cop to release them, so she just took the evidence and left them there to continue tossing a penny into a cup and providing occasional insight into the case remotely.

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