Review: Scrubs - Our Stuff Gets Real Season 9, Episode 9

While the illustrious boss-man -- AKA Joel Keller -- is off at the TCA Tour stalking creator Bill Lawrence, I have the honor of stepping in and looking at the latest episode of Scrubs. J.D. returned this week, and the opening sequence slipped back to having him hang the final x-ray, rather than Lucy, who took over the last couple of episodes.

With J.D. back, the silliness between him and Turk returned as well, but it didn't dominate the episode as it so often has in the past. It was also nice to see the old Elliot in full neurotic meltdown mode. Plus, the scene at home where she was scarfing down her meat salad instead of making sweet love to J.D. was almost too authentic to real life with a pregnant woman. It was nice to see J.D. being supportive, if frustrated. And at least Cox is there to support his neediness.

That said, I enjoyed the play between Cox and Denise this episode. Her suggestion of how to keep Jordan from getting Cox's favorite recliner (dead bird under the cushion) was great. It is great to see that the writers have transformed what was a fairly one-dimensional character last season in Denise and transformed her into a fully fleshed out character, while maintaining that hard-ass edge that defined her caricature.

If only they could do the same thing for Cole. I don't know if it's Dave Franco, the writing or some combination of the both, but I'm starting to feel the way Drew does: when Cole starts to talk, I want to punch my TV. It's also damaging the character of Lucy to have her in a real relationship with him. Lucy is supposed to be our new inside voice, and yet I can't even respect her as a person because she's chosen cheap sex with the worst person in the hospital. That she acknowledges it doesn't help matters.

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