'Parenthood' Episode 6 - 'The Big O' Recap

I'll admit it. 'Parenthood' has been a hard show to read. It tries very hard to connect the audience with the human drama of the American family, but at the same time, it expects you to understand and appreciate every problem they come across.

It drags you through their cornfield of sadness and expects you to come out feeling as happy and reserved as the characters do in the end. It makes me wish life actually worked this way. Then it just makes me angrier.

A lot of the scenes from this week's episode had no other reason to exist other than to move the plot, like when Crosby tries to tell his parents about his kid but chickens out, and the "play date" scene where Crosby witnesses Racquel's fandom for Joel. It's just exposition that a character could explain in a scene worth watching. I'm all for plot, but there's got to be something else there that makes it worth watching and already, comedy isn't one of its stronger suits.

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