Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains - "A Sinking Ship" Review Season 20, Episode 13

Another terrific episode! This season really is incredible, isn't it? So much drama and so many constant twists and turns with what's going to happen next.

We went into this episode with the Colby and Rupert screwed - they clearly were the next two to go. And yet, without either of them winning or finding a single immunity idol, they're both still in it!

I really need to commend Rupert, especially because I think that most of the time, he's so weak strategically. But since the merge, he's been using his brain way more than I've ever seen, in his three seasons on the show. First, he finally broke free of the group delusion about how great it was to give Russell JT's idol and believed Sandra when she told him Russell shouldn't be trusted. And then in this episode, he actually outsmarted Russell!

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