'Project Runway' 6 Winner Season 6, Episode 14: Why Mean-a Irina?

There might be a lot of viewers who were troubled by how Irina Shabayeva acted on the sixth season of Project Runway. It was even more devastating for some when this season's villain won the competition. But it never really was a question of behavior on the show; it was of skill. In the judges' point of view.

We've been raised to believe that good triumphs over evil most of the time. Unfortunately, that usually occurs in fairy tales. In reality television, meanwhile, there are plenty of times the baddies get what they want. The world's not just black and white, and a little color's always encouraged in Project Runway.

So anyway, even though most of her collection was black, Mean-a Irina won. When it came to the last legs of the contest, she was the one who really impressed the judges and was one of the favorites. She may have been a brat to them and her competitors, but you can't deny the beauty of her designs.

Irina's final collection was said to be inspired by New York City, a comforting and sleek look on the whole. Her pieces were well-made and detailed, in addition to offering something new to the table.

Another reason why the judges tend to overlook the thought of Irina holding a flashlight below her face and going "Mwahaha!" is how she's performed throughout the season. She's won the most challenges among the finalists, and has been consistently praised for her work.

We shouldn't even be questioning why Irina Shabayeva won Project Runway 6, but we still do because it's hard to grasp the fact that hardworking evil can prevail (what a creepy thought). Besides, Irina isn't even that bad. At least, according to Tim Gunn.

On his interview with the LA Times, the show's fashion mentor said: "Irina is tenacious. She really wants it. [...] Her mother was saying things like, "If Irina doesn't win, she better not come home," and I could say she's already a winner."

And of course, she did win. Project Runway might be praising the likes of Mean-a Irina on the show, but it's only because they've proven themselves worthy. Her final collection had the cohesion that Carol Hannah's lacked and the freshness missing in Althea's (though I did like the sci-fi idea).

Project Runway really isn't a series to make friends or have tea parties. Even Jeffrey Sebellia in season 3 was chosen as the winner, and he made someone's mother cry. The notorious Christian Siriano of season 4 wasn't even all that liked. Let's not even get started on how Kenley Collins is more famous than season 5 champion Leanne.

So with that, give a little hooray for Irina. She'll probably use her devious mind and wiles to get ahead in the fashion world. But if that doesn't work, there's always her talent and reality show title to fall back on.

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Nov 20, 2009 10:40AM EST

I don't see why it's such a shocked that Irina won. She was clearly the best in a season filled with mediocre talents. In the end, it's a competition and not a popularity contest. She may not be Miss Congeniality but there is no denying of her talent. Sure, she's not the best when compared with previous seasons' contestants, but compared to everyone else this season's, she's the clear winner from the get-go. Whether she's mean or nice shouldn't matter. As much as I hated Kenley Collins last season, I still admitted that she deserved to be in the final three and if her collection wasn't too reminiscent of Alexander McQueen's, she might have won. After all, this is a "reality" show, right? And in reality, it's never the nicest person that gets to be on top sometimes. The ideal would be a nice and talented person winning the competition, but that's rarely the case in real life.

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