'NCIS' Season 7, Episode 19 - 'Guilty Pleasure' Recap

Holly Snow, the madame we met in a previous episode, was back for this episode when the corpse turned out to be a Navy journalist investigating call girls. Or the guys who use them. So we found Holly where Gibbs had left her; doing community service as penance for her criminal activity. She was the perfect source of expertise for Gibbs. More on Holly, Gibbs and Tony's new undies after the jump.

It was telling that the moment Gibbs showed up at the seminar, Holly's cool crumbled and she wasn't so snowy. Just the sight of Jethro unnerved her. Interesting.

Tony found a kindred spirit in Phil McCadden, the local police detective who had a similar fanboy worship of classic movies. It was great to see how they finished each others' thoughts. If we didn't know how hetero Tony is, you might suspect a romance. By the way, Adam Kaufman played Phil; you might remember him from 'Without A Trace.'

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