Parks and Recreation Season 2, Episode 22: "Telethon" Review

"Hey, Leslie. It's Leslie. Hang in there." And we're off!. Man, this show is so rad. Listen, "Telethon," the episode written by series-star Amy Poehler, had more of the same - but I mean that in an extraordinarily good way! Ron was grumpy, Tom was shallow, Leslie was hyper, April was sullen and Jerry was, well, Jerry. But I loved every minute of it. Sometimes all you have to do is take the characters we know and place them in different scenarios. Not being able to do that effectively is something that has plagued The Office for the past couple years, but since Parks and Recreation has successfully turned Pawnee into it's own lovable character, we get to explore all aspects of town living.

Built in jokes and established, clownish characters are always in place here, so we can have an episode that features Nutri-Yum bars, ferocious morning anchor Joan Callamezzo, Perd Hapley and sweet sweet "Sex Hair." And of course Jerry plays the piano beautifully. And Ron (Nick Offerman) suffers from a disorder called "Sleep Fighting." It's all delicious.

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