Top Moments of the Week: A Trail of Tears for 24, Survivor and Lost

TV made us sob like a child this week. Danielle's teary Survivor Tribal Council got to us. Robin's sign-off from the How I Met Your Mother gang made us long for the olden days. Jack's consequence-free offing of Dana Walsh on 24 shook our sense of right and wrong. And the ponderous loss of Sun and Jin Kwon made us reach for the ashes, sackcloth and Kleenex, as our mourning for Lost began a bit early. Welcome to Top Moments: No More Tears Edition.

10. Most Helpful Voiceover: At least the late, great Mary Alice understands how frustrated Desperate Housewives viewers are with Angie's backstory. So she lays it all out plainly - in a tidy voiceover: Angie and her former boyfriend Patrick Logan were activists who planted a bomb, accidentally killing someone. Nick helped Angie escape and assumed Patrick's role as Danny's dad. Simple - and boring!

9. Best Team Spirit: Brothers & Sisters' siblings Kevin and Sarah reveal that, as teenagers, they were mixed-doubles tennis champions. Their team chants ("Kev-rah! Kev-rah!") and unhealthy competitive streak are hilarious.

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