Homerpalooza: 20 Years of Awesome Musical Guests on The Simpsons

When you think of music meccas, you may think of Memphis, Austin or New York City. But don't forget Springfield.

Along with bizarre characters and brilliant one-liners, The Simpsons has brought us two decades of great tunes - and welcomed a musical lineup that would make any show jealous. Guests have included Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash and U2. (Resident music critic Mr. Burns called the Irish rockers "wankers.")

Check out Sneakmove.com's list of awesome musical Simpsons guests, and tell us: Who were your favorite musicians on The Simpsons?

Green Day? Elton John? Smashing Pumpkins? Don't forget "Bleeding Gums" Murphy. Share your picks and why you love them in the comments below.

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