True Blood Episode Recap: "Bad Blood" Season 3, Episode 1

An ominous soundtrack of frantic fiddlin' sets the tone for "Bad Blood," the premiere episode of True Blood's third season, in which most of our beloved main characters are in a state. Sookie is searching for Bill, who's been kidnapped by an unusual bunch of bad guys who we'll be seeing a lot this season. Tara, Andy and Jason have come up with their own strategies for dealing with Eggs' death. After a not-so-friendly visit from the Queen, Eric and Pam need Lafayette's help. Sam tracks down his family in Arkansas. Jessica still has a lot to learn about being a vampire. And Arlene has some big news!

Welcome back, fangbangers!


We pick up right where we left off, at the French restaurant where Bill was vamp-napped just after asking Sookie to marry him. The cops are there, but they're no help, since Kenya thinks Bill left because Sookie was wishy-washy about his proposal.

But our intrepid Sookie has a theory of her own, so she's off to Fangtasia to investigate. There she meets Pam, who purrs that lavender is her favorite color. "I'm in no mood for lesbian weirdness tonight, Pam," Sookie says.

She descends to the basement where she finds, um, well, Eric, hammering the holy hell out of Yvetta, the new dancer who we met in a pre-season webisode. They're fighting like two Spider-mans, but they aren't hurting each other, as 30 Rock's Nancy Donnelly might say.

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