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About two weeks ago, SOAPNet started reairing One Tree Hill from the beginning, and a latecomer to the series, I decided to check it out. I'll admit that I only started watching after the four year time jump, so all I know about their high school days is what I've read online and what I can gather from context clues.

However, watching One Tree Hill from the start is fascinating for a latecomer. My only knowledge of Haley and Nathan is their marriage. All I know about Lucas is that he's a writer in love with Peyton. And all I know about Brooke is that she's unlucky in love. Oh how times have changed.

The first season is a totally different series, and it's almost impossible to recognize the show as it is now. Nathan seemingly tricked Haley into tutoring him against her BFF Lucas' wishes, and realizing that their whole relationship started by Nathan trying to hurt Lucas puts a whole new spin on Naley for me.

As for the Peyton and Lucas 'shippers, I am now completely in agreement. From the start, they were both miserable, brooding teens who resented how hard their lives were. I suppose it didn't matter that they were both ridiculously attractive/ And it was nice to actually see Lucas towing her car away,. The eventual title character of his novel The Comet.

I can also now make a firm judgment on Brooke. During the making of An Unkindness of Ravens, Brooke objected to being depicted as a girl wholly consumed with sex. Now I see that the script was 100 percent accurate.

From the start, Brooke pulled her trademark naked backseat trick with Lucas, and thus far, I believe she's whispered seductively into Lucas' ear in every episode. I look forward to seeing her character develop, but for now, she's all about the sex.

There are some other key character differences. Mouth, for instance, has had absolutely no real part at all, and I'm eager to see how or why he becomes friends with everyone. Then there's the whole issue of Dan and Keith. I'll be the first to admit my shock over the fact that Dan isn't nearly as bad as I thought he'd be.

Maybe it takes time for his truly villainous nature to mature, but in the first season, he's simply a horrible father. Sure, he openly admits to wishing Lucas had been aborted and he gleefully smacks the ball out of Nathan's hands during a father-son basketball game, but he's really just a stunted teenager eager to relive his past glory.

Watching a show from the beginning (or rewatching it) can be exciting. You see things and characters in a whole new light. This was the start of it all, and for One Tree Hill, it's a little strange seeing the teenage years of the characters who are now adults with children and weddings and careers.

I encourage all other fans of One Tree Hill to start watching the reruns on SOAPNet every weekday at 2pm. As I'm just discovering the origins of the current story I watch religiously, I'll continue to provide a unique perspective on the origins of One Tree Hill.

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Feb 24, 2009 8:17PM EST

i just love the first four seasonsi think that after the four year jump is goodi just enjoyed the high school years a bit more i think they were more emotionaland not in a beating up getting trained with guns and getting kids kidnapped sort of way if you get what i mean

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