Bender Meets His Maker on 'Futurama' (VIDEO)

Good news, everyone! Bender's going to die on 'Futurama' (Thu., 10PM ET on Comedy Central). ... Or maybe he won't.

[Spoiler alert.]

On the latest episode, the typically arrogant Bender brags about his absolute physical flawlessness. As opposed to his "poor flimsy human" friends who will eventually die someday. But then, Bender suddenly starts leaking oil. Uh-oh. That's not good.

But not a problem! If Bender gets in trouble, he'll just download his "backup unit" and be saved. But then, Bender realizes that he has no backup unit. When he was released from the factory, "Inspector #5" promised that he'd be flawless. But somewhere, somehow, someone messed up.

Next, Bender learns who "Inspector #5" actually is. And the identity of the inspector is ... DUN DUN DUN! ... Bender's co-worker Hermes Conrad. Hermes saw that Bender was flawed when he came out of the factory. But little baby Bender was so adorable that Hermes just couldn't help himself, and passed him along anyway.

Now, Hermes and Bender are both in trouble. Can they solve the problem, and save Bender from certain doom?

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Jul 24, 2010 5:14PM EDT

If you watch the show you'll find that Bender doesn't learning that Inspecter #5 is Hermes. At the end of the episode Hermes burns the files that prove he was Inspecter #5.
Bender was born without a backup unit. not dieing.
however a great episode. Even tho there was the other episode were it shows benter being born on the assembly line. There he doesn't look like he does in the posted photo.

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