Recap: "12:00 A.M.-1:00 A.M."

Agent Larry's standoff with a platoon of Starkwood thugs ends without a shot being fired, but that doesn't mean this hour of 24 isn't action-packed.

The showdown does conclude with a little action at least - namely that well-timed punch Larry throws at one of the Starkwoodies, which creates the diversion Tony needs to slip away and continue his hunt for the bioweapon.

Back at the FBI, Jack manages to locate another defector within the enemy ranks - the Starkwood chairman of the board himself, Doug Knowles - who seems to really, really be willing to help them locate the weapon. Unlike that sneaky Greg and his empty warehouse.

Though Knowles subsequently gets himself picked up by Stokes' men, he finally gets Tony to the real location of the bioweapon. Suspicions are aroused, though, by the chairman's lame explanation for why he was roaming the base at midnight: just taking a walk. Right.

Of course, the Starkwood thugs quickly track Tony down - and, of course, he dispatches them just as quickly, managing to secure their gear and even an automatic weapon in the process. Chalk that up as a win for Almeida.

At the FBI, the infection starts to take its toll on Jack, and he collapses suddenly, all twitching and bug-eyed. And who's the first one rushing to his side? A stricken-looking Renee.

And here's how Kim will get back in the picture: Apparently there's an experimental treatment for Jack's illness that involves using stem cells from a blood relative. But Jack and Kim don't talk anymore, and he doesn't want to get her involved, yada yada yada. Renee pushes, but Jack seemingly closes the subject: "I'm the one who's dying. It's my choice." True enough, but I think he'll come around within the next couple hours.

As Tony is discovering where Starkwood is hiding the bioweapon - four stories below ground, beneath tons of concrete - Hodges is showing his true colors upstairs. When Knowles confronts him about the company possessing bioweapons, Hodges doesn't deny it.

Instead, he makes another conspiracy-theory-based speech about government persecution and Knowles' disloyalty after Hodges "treated him like a son." So what does "dad" do? Beats him with a liquor bottle and throws him over the balcony (the preferred method of execution this season, apparently). The former chairman lands - watch out for the obvious symbolism! - on a large map of the world. As Hodges later tells Greg, "It's a great day for Starkwood. Too bad Mr. Knowles can't be joining us."

Hodges' arrogance reaches new heights when he places a call directly to the president, then shows off his bioweapon-laden missiles, all lined up in a row and waiting to be fired if Taylor doesn't call off the air strike against Starkwood.

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