Recap: "All in the Family"

The title of this episode of Medium isn't significant on its own, but when you realize what it means, it is easy to be creeped out. James Van Der Beek, of Dawson's Creek fame, makes a special appearance as a man, Dylan, who hatches a nasty plan for murder. Who he murders is more of a mystery and how he does it, well, let's just say, is all in the family.

Allison awakes from a dream where Dylan's sister, Brooke, coaches our precious Marie into shooting her parents. That was a truly horrifying dream to awaken from. Now there was nothing particularly creepy about Brooke, but Dylan skeeved me from the beginning. Dylan and Brooke are the children of a woman Manuel knew and so when their mother turns up missing, they come to Devalos for help.

It was a nice diversion for Brooke and Dylan to be upfront about wanting to find their mother, but we soon learn that appearances are not often what they seem in Allison's world. There's disHarmony in the relationships between Dylan and his mother, his sister and his fiancé. (Did you like my pun?) It's not until Allison dreams that Dylan was burying Brooke, and not his mother, that the case started to make sense. Brooke brought up her car accident scar more than once, but in a keen twist, sis is really just a Frankenstein; Harmony is the new Brooke. Or is Brooke the new Harmony?

I was shocked and surprised that Scanlon actually told Allison that he has been thinking about her dream and that it spurred him to figure a piece of the puzzle out. Finally! For once someone is able to see the wisdom in Allison's dreams, even if they are so often not exactly right.

Joe gets an unplanned visit from his sister, Sarah. I didn't even know Joe had a sister. Was she ever on before? At any rate, she's only worth mentioning because her presence in the Dubois home elicits the return of Joe's dead dad. It's great that Allison talks to the dead as if they are really there. I know they are for her, but doesn't anyone notice when she's gabbing at some invisible man in the backseat of the Volvo? I thought it was hysterical to see.

Sadly, Sarah is an even worse aunt than Charmaine on The United States of Tara. First of all, Sarah gives vegetarians a bad name by preparing a meal that consists only of tofu, and by the looks of it, unseasoned tofu. With no vegetables or anything else to accompany it, no wonder vegetarians get dirty looks everywhere they go. Not only that, but she makes the girls watch crappy reality shows that are completely inappropriate for girls of Bridgette and Marie's ages. I was truly surprised that Allison didn't tell her to change the channel.

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