The Latest Eliminated 'Top Chef' Contestant Speaks Frankly About Ouster

In a twist, this week's episode of 'Top Chef: DC' had the cheftestants critiquing their peers and, by comparison, the usual panel of judges; Tom Colicchio, Gail Simmons and Padma Lakshmi, seemed downright docile. At the end, two heads were on the chopping block, but only one was sent packing.

Who was it and how did he/she take it? Find out in the exit interview below.

WARNING: Spoiler Alert!

"Angelo [Sosa] is a mentor to me," Tamesha Warren said after being ousted from the competition for her overly spicy, unevenly cooked scallops, "But I wish I took a little more control over my dish."

Hmm. Does that mean that Warren, like several of the chefs, thinks that Sosa, who appeared to have taken her under his wing, did so with malicious intent? And, if so, why?

Another question that was raised during last night's episode was why Amanda [Baumgarten] pushes Warren's buttons to the point that she said she could "strangle" her.

It was an interesting episode for the typically reserved Warren, a native of Barbados who's now the sous chef at The Oval Room in D.C., because she was shown losing her cool, being bleeped by the censors and talking smack throughout.

What was going on? Was she having a bad day and if so, why? Warren addressed these and other questions during a phone call with reporters earlier today, here's what she had to say...

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