A witch and a lynch mob maybe not as crap as i first thought!

I watched episodes 3&4 tonight(note to all americans this is how it should be spelt and americans does not deserve a capital so it's not getting one.)I'm liking the evil vampire but not enough to remember his name apparently!,it's just a shame the writers have got him down as stupid.

Imagine a 150 year old vampire falling for the old poisoning the dinner date trick.

Why didn't he kill him?

Oh! right! of course! series out the window.

here is a prediction for you- the bimbo dinner date lets him out after being dazzled by his charms again probably in about 2 episodes.

seriously though how can you lock up the bad guy in episode 4 who pays for scripts this lame?

love and luck to all,billy.




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Jan 2, 2010 12:12AM EST

I like the way you think. And its totally true. If he was so diabolical etc, why doesnt he just kill Stefan...I mean I would certainly hate to see him go...but why kind of vampire is such a pussy. Goodness gracious. Its killing me how un-vampiric Damon is. He's evil enough to use humans to do his bidding, but not dread enough to kill/torture his brother to a grater extent.

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Jan 3, 2010 6:40PM EST

Stefan didn't kill Damon because the script is based (very loosely!!) on The Vampire Diaries books by LJ Smith and that's just the way it goes...But in both the books and the TV series you can see that Damon and Stefan still love each other even though they act like they can't stand each other and that is why they would never kill each other :DAlthough I do see your point that when they write shows things happen that just wouldn't happen, like someone says "I'm going to kill you now" but then waits five minutes for the hero to come and save the day :DIf they follow the book later on in the series then it will get good because so far I doubt that the writers have ever actually picked up a copy of the books... although I like the series so far, it is pretty much completely different from the actual books.Damon is much more evil and vampiric in the books :D

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