'California Dreams' on 'Jimmy Fallon': Who needs 'Saved by the Bell' anyway..

In regards to his year-long quest to reunite the Saved by the Bell cast, Jimmy Fallon had sad news for his audience last night: 'The dream is over.' After collecting five of the seven cast members, a reunion would not be possible. But! It turns out Fallon had the next best thing - errr, yeah, sure - waiting in the wings: A California Dreams reunion!

True, California Dreams never enjoyed the pop culture permeation that Saved by the Bell did. But so what? Who cares! Who doesn't remember the show's iconic theme song? 'Surf dudes with attitudes' If you do or you don't, it doesn't matter - the cast performed it last night at the prodding of a weirdly excited Fallon! So you can see here:

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