'Boston Med' Reaches an Emotional Ending (VIDEO)

There are plenty of fake dramatic "doctor"-based shows on TV. But 'Boston Med' (Thu., 10PM ET on ABC) is the real thing -- an actual documentary, dealing with three hospitals in the greater Boston area. Real patients, real emotion, real tragedy. ... This ain't no 'Grey's Anatomy,' is all that we're saying.

The sad thing about watching an actual documentary about hospital life is that often, things don't work out.

On the latest episode, cardiologist Kimberly Parks deals with a patient named Marvin, who needs a heart transplant. Unfortunately, Marvin gets delayed in reaching her hospital, due to some troubles with his insurance company. In fact -- it takes three weeks for Marvin to get to where he needs to go.

And due to his lack of a transplant, Marvin ... dies. We're sorry. We don't have anything particularly clever to say here. It's just all incredibly depressing. And it helps to indicate the wide gulf between fictional medical shows ... and actual reality.

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