'The Amazing Race 15' Recap, Part 2: What the Duck is Going On?

Twelve hours after the end of the first leg of The Amazing Race, a little after midnight, the first team leaves. They're dating couple Meghan and Cheyne, and the way to remember them is that his hair is as douchey as his name. As expected, no flights to the next location, Vietnam, leave at midnight, so it's the second bunch of the Race.

All the teams get on the same plane and then take a taxi and bus to their destination. Based solely on this episode, I now believe Vietnam is Atlantis, because the whole country seems to be under water and every road is flooded about a foot high, yet cars and motorcycles still drive through. It's insane.

Teams with fast taxis leave the bus station first, while slow taxis leave a bit later. In case you were worried that there might finally be a separation between the teams, the dock where their next challenge is doesn't open until 7am, so it's already the third bunch. At this rate, every leg may come down to a foot race.

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