Recap: "Company Picnic"

In "Company Picnic," Holly, Michael's soup-snake soul mate returns - and performs a skit with him, no less - while the Scranton branch racks up the wins in the volleyball tournament, until their surprise superstar goes down with an injury.

Chicken Pot Pie

As the episode opened with an ambience of low lights and hushed tones, I was reminded of nap-time during my kid's day care. And that's exactly what was going on: Michael was in a food coma after ingesting a full family-sized chicken pot pie. While Michael dreams his sweet dreams, Jim masterminds a prank that all the employees get behind: fooling Michael into thinking it's five o'clock when he wakes up so everybody can punch out early. Even Dwight's in on the joke - which may mark the first time Jim and Dwight have worked in tandem on a prank. Of course, it works like a charm. Which leads me to think ... maybe I'll bring in a delicious yet heavy meal for my boss tomorrow ...

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