MTV resurrecting Dawn of the Dead for TV

Just like we reported earlier, television is nowhere near done recycling every great entertainment memory you ever had into a TV series. At least now they are stealing from better source material.

MTV is reportedly looking to turn George Romero's immortal (no ironic pun intended) horror masterpiece Dawn of the Dead into some kind of television series.

They haven't given away much in terms of details surrounding the show, how it will link to the original film or even when it might hit the air. They have noted the show will feature a mix of the classic, slow moving zombies and the latest fad of turning the undead into Olympic sprinters. It's good to see so much diversity on television.

As a zombie movie enthusiast, I hope they won't stray too far from Romero's vision and even might invite cult movie man and makeup genius Tom Savini to join in on the project. Of course, given the fact that it's TV and everyone and their mother tries to keep from scoring an MA rating, I suppose it's just a pipe dream.

And there is always the worry that MTV will try to dumb it down for their audience and turn it into hip and cool, given their recent string of reality fare. Don't frey. If MTV turns it into their own sick and twisted vision of their usual sappy teen drama, at least there is a hope that Jersey Shore or the cast of The Hills might have to face with a bout with the undead. It's a good thing that Romero's zombies eat more than brains or they might starve.

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