'The Amazing Race' Recap: Lost and Found in Seychelles Episode 7

It's a breakthrough of sorts on The Amazing Race this week. For one, they're all flying to Seychelles for the first time in the show's history--and it's worth the wait. It is, as Dan and Jordan called it, "tropical, beautiful, paradise Africa." Also it's the week when everything goes upside down--those who are first came in last, and vice versa. Although that's not really the case.

Sea chilies? Teams fly 5000 miles to the island of Mahe in Seychelles--take note, "say shells", not "sea chilies". Since it's such an exotic (and far-flung) destination all teams take the same flight.

Brent and Caite are not happy with their bad performance over the last few weeks, but at least they're still smart enough to think straight. It's race knowledge to try to take seats on the front of the plane in this situation, and they did, taking row 7. Steve and Allie took row 10, Dan and Jordan took row 15, and Carol and Brandy ended up on row 25. The other two teams ate some chicken.

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