Recap: "Dodge's Dad"

This week's episode ended the season with a bang. With a few great cameos and some revealing information, we certainly had enough to keep us wanting more the next time around - and with a teasing "to be continued," I'm sure we'll have Earl in the back of our minds while we enjoy the summer.

With Dodge's career day at school looming, Darnell (Eddie Steeples) decided to rehearse his presentation in front of Earl (Jason Lee) and Randy (Ethan Suplee). Now, if my dad were dangling seafood around (with some of the Crab Shack's crustaceans falling off of their own limbs), I'm sure I'd have no problem, but Dodge decides he wants his real dad to give the career day presentation. As far as he knows, Earl is his real dad, but Earl and Joy (Jaime Pressly) know better. Out of a sense of honesty, Earl insists that Joy tell Dodge who his real dad is and convince him to give the career day spiel. However, Earl remembers that he once ruined Dodge's career day by posing as a doctor and stealing an x-ray machine with which to analyze his "patient" (Randy). Another student's dad, a cop, put a stop to that. Acting out of love for his list, Earl decides to fill in at this new career day so as to cross Dodge off his list.

It doesn't go well. First off, a list isn't really a career. But that's not even really an issue. During the presentation, a girl in class calls out Earl regarding Dodge's slightly dodgy (sorry, I had to do it) family life. Why is Earl giving the talk when Dodge lives with Darnell? Earl craftily tries to explain that even though he's Dodge's real dad, that Darnell likes him a lot too and that Dodge should try shifting his love more in that direction. "Ooh, burn," is the input Randy gives. After this incident, Earl really pushes for Joy to reveal Dodge's real dad. She finally reveals that Dodge is the prodigy of Little Chubby.

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